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The Long Awaited Strategy for Green Growth from UK Is Finally Out With A GBP2.5 Billion Investment

The climate action plan of the government of UK has been finally released. This plan is about how all the sectors of UK economy are going to get decarbonized. Start from the year 2020, the government is going to reduce their carbon emissions by about 57 percent till the year 2032.

This clean growth strategy is now a requirement of the UK government, under the latest Act titled Climate Change. This Act includes measures for cutting emissions from heating, electricity, transport and buildings.

From the year 2015 to the year 2021, the government of UK is going to allocate about 2.5 Billion GBP in public funding of innovations that would bring low carbon emissions.

The largest share of investment is going to be spent on transportation and the second biggest is going to be power. Here is the percentage breakage in terms of sectors:

  1. Transport: 33%
  2. Power:25%
  3. Cross-Sector:15%
  4. Smart Systems:10%
  5. Homes:7%
  6. Business & Industry:6%
  7. Land Use & Waste:4%

The core of the latest masterplan is energy efficiency. Many houses are going to bring up at least a minimum of energy band C by the year 2035. The existing efficiency schemes that are for improving insulation are going to be extended till the year 2028.

Prime Minister Theresa May said that the clean and green growth isn’t an option but a duty that is owed by us to the coming generation but for this to be achieved, the economic growth shouldn’t be faltered either. Of course there should be protection for both beaches and forests and all the clean and neat places that have outstanding beauty of nature.

She says that there is going to be no conflict between this clean growth aspiration and their plan to create a new economy that is going to work for each and everyone.

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